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Concrete Cutting in Barrie, Collingwood, Richmond Hill

16 inch concrete cut in a wall

Concrete Cutting

One of the services we provide to our clients is concrete cutting and concrete hole cutting. Reinforced concrete typical in foundations can be a challenge to cut through. Our professionals make the job a breeze . At Innovative Home Improvements we have all the specialized equipment necessary for concrete cutting in Barrie, Collingwood or Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. Whether it is cutting  concrete floors to run conduit or pipe or cutting directly through foundation walls to accomadate new window installations we have the crew  to get the job done. Most cutting jobs can be accomplished by cutting from one side only. If outside access is difficult or impractical  then we can cut from the inside using our specialized electrically operated equipment. No toxic fumes from gas operated cut saws and no dust is created due to water cooled diamond cutters. 

Some people have inquired as to how deep we can cut through ? With our equipment we can complete concrete cutting  through 32 inches  thickness of poured concrete providing we can access the concrete from two sides. If we can only access one side then we can cut through 16 inches of concrete. One of the biggest challenges of any concrete cutting in Barrie and other cities  is the removal of the cut concrete and its disposal. Typically large monolithic blocks cut for doors or large windows will be cubed into manageable pieces so that the debris can be safely removed and hauled off site. How long does concrete cutting take? Most windows for basements can be cut and removed within a few hours providing we have access to the cut. If we need to excavate to provide access then several hours more work is typical. Often times we will use our mini excavator to access basement window cutouts as well as to dig down to the weeping system to install drainage for our egress windows applications. We will require access to a water source so that we can connect our water cooling system for the diamond cutters. We will also require access to a good 110 volt electrical outlet to connect our electrically operated saws when concrete cutting.

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